About Crabel Capital Management

What We Do

High-level statement of Crabel’s program offerings, short-term approach, and long-time experience in the quantitative finance industry. Aim for about 20-25 words.

Our Approach

Our products and programs begin with a single idea or insight into the market. From there, we explore new strategies and develop new technologies with a careful, thoughtful, and scientific approach.

Alpha Discovery

We seek to identify persistent market anomalies across a wide range of instruments while carefully managing downside risk. We then employ a rigorous testing methodology for each and every trading idea.


Our long tenured research team members are involved in strategy research, algorithmic execution development and technological integration. We are judged by the marketplace on our ability to continuously improve how we invest.


As a systematic asset manager, risk management is incorporated within the portfolio and strategy designs and applied in an automated fashion. Each portfolio has an annual volatility target to establish the risk budget with multiple levels of controls at position and portfolio levels.

Trading & Execution

In the short-term arena, advanced trade execution is paramount. We focus on low-latency algorithmic trading, measuring execution speeds in microseconds. Execution costs can erode alpha, and we are extremely mindful of keeping them low.

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